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Smart Light String 400 LED RGB with APP Decorative Lighting Home Garden Patio - Twinkly Generation 2
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Smart Light String 400 LED RGB with APP
Decorative Lighting Home Garden Patio -
Twinkly Generation 2


Smart Light String 400 LED RGB with APP Decorative Lighting

Twinkly Light Strings will add cutting-edge technology to your home decorations and transform
indoor and outdoor lighting presentations forever. Twinkly combines colorful RGB LED lights with
an outstanding variety of levels for brightness, speed, intensity, and color palettes; fully controlled
through the Twinkly app on your smartphone and compatible with iOS and Android.

The effective mapping tool of the Twinkly app will locate the position of each Light and use this innovative
technology to perform professional, pixel-perfect designs, patterns, and animations. The result is
sophisticated light effects that can be chosen from the online gallery or customized to express creativity.
The powerful color picker assists in determining the perfect color from more than 16 million vivid color options.
The light string measures 105 feet with 400 RGB LED lights, positioned every 3", to decorate your home.

Twinkly lights can be synchronized together, up to 4000 lights, to create impressive displays in your home,
patio, and yard year-round. Twinkly has reinvented decorative lighting to brighten your world.


Smart Light String 400 LED RGB with APP

Smart Light String 400 LED RGB with APP Decorative Lighting
Home Garden Patio - Twinkly Generation 2 Features:

  • Premium home decorative lights
    Twinkly Lights combines the versatility of classic LED lights with a refined look and
    feel of premium decorative lighting.
  • RGB LED Lights
    The Twinkly RGB LED lights feature red, green, and blue color palettes to provide an impressive mixture
    of tints and shades; when paired with the Twinkly app, the color picker assists in choosing
    the perfect color from over 16 million vivid options.
  • 400-Count Light String
    One string of lights is divided and connected to the controller into two 200-light strands.
    The 400-count light string has a lighted length of 105 ft.
  • Mobile App
    The app helps you configure Twinkly lights with ease. Bluetooth connectivity pairs
    the lights to your smartphone through the Twinkly app for iOS or Android.
    You can customize, create and apply effects, set timers, dim lights, and switch
    between multiple strings of Twinkly lights.
  • Smartphone Camera Mapping
    The Twinkly app and a Wi-Fi connection turn your smartphone into a powerful mapping tool
    that locates the position of each Light and lets Twinkly apply pixel-perfect effects and animations.
  • Smart Home Integration
    Twinkly is fully integrated with home automation. Voice commands can be sent to
    Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa allow you to turn the lights on/off and
    change brightness and color.
  • Multiple Light Groups
    Multiple Twinkly light strings, up to 4000 LED lights, can be synchronized in groups.
    No physical connection is needed. The whole process is managed by mapping
    the lights on the Twinkly app through your Wi-Fi network.
  • Generation 2 Controller
    The new Generation 2 Controller is more potent than ever. It features a dual-core chip
    for super-fast processing, colossal memory space for animations, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth
    connectivity, and an RGB status indicator.
  • Year-Round Use
    Twinkly lights are not just for a holiday but are perfect for year-round use. Customize
    the colors for Halloween, birthday parties, and weddings. Twinkly is also ideal for
    accent lighting in your home or dorm room.
  • Indoor and Outdoor Use
    Twinkly lights are made for indoor and outdoor use.
  • Optional Twinkly music accessory
    The lights will synchronize with music for the ultimate audio/visual experience by
    adding the Twinkly music accessory sold separately.
  • Compatible with Razer Chroma RGB and Omen Light Studio
    Twinkly lights are compatible with Razer Chroma RGB via Twinkly Chroma Connector
    and Omen Light Studio via OMEN Gaming Hub to enhance your gaming experience
    beyond the screen with responsive lighting effects.


Package Includes:

1x Light String 400 LED RGB
1x APP iOS or Android


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