Fancy Deals - Motorcycle Bike Anti-Theft Loud 113dB Vibration Security Alarm Remote
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Motorcycle Bike Anti-Theft Loud 113dB Vibration Security Alarm Remote
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Motorcycle Bike Anti-Theft Loud 113dB Vibration
Security Alarm Remote

Motorcycle Bike Anti-Theft Loud 113dB Vibration Security Alarm Remote

Having a bike anti-theft alarm is a great way to make your bike more secure. You can choose
from a variety of products, including those that can be installed at home or on the road.
These are small devices that make a noise when triggered. The sounds are loud enough
to scare away burglars and other thieves.

Protect and deter theft with Fosmon?s 113dB Bicycle Alarm. This alarm works great to
provide additional security for bicycles, motorcycles, e-bikes, scooters, carts, trailers,
and other expensive equipment.

This bike alarm responds to vibration and is being moved. When nudged, a small beep
will sound, and when it is moved, the alarm will trigger for 30 seconds or until stopped.

Control the sensitivity of your vibration sensor alarm with seven levels of adjustment. This allows
you to set up your bike alarm however you want it.

Setup is Easy
This anti-theft alarm is easy to set up and use. First, clean and dry the desired mounting surface.
Second, apply adhesive on the back of the alarm and place it on the desired consistency,
or thread cable ties through brackets on the back of the alarm and tie them around the desired item.
After the alarm has been mounted, use the remote to arm and disarm it accordingly.

Multi-purpose Alarm
This device can be used for more than just a bicycle alarm. With IP55 water resistance
and the ability to be mounted with adhesives or cable ties, you can use this device almost anywhere.
Increase security by using this as a luggage alarm, trailer alarm, fence alarm, window alarm, and more. 


Bike Anti-Theft Alarm

Motorcycle Bike Anti-Theft Loud 113dB Vibration
Security Alarm Remote Features:

    Fosmon?s 113dB loud vibration bicycle alarm with remote control is a great tool to
    protect your bike from theft. This alarm secures your bicycle, e-bike, scooter, motorcycle, and more.
    When armed, this anti-theft bicycle alarm responds to vibration or being moved.
    You can manually adjust the 7 different sensitivity levels to best fit your setup.
    This anti-theft vibration alarm is easy to set up. First, determine the mounting surface
    and clean accordingly. Then apply the provided adhesive or mount using the cable ties
    and brackets on the backside of the alarm.
    Use this anti-theft alarm for a variety of purposes: as a luggage alarm, fence alarm,
    trailer alarm, and more. This device works great as added security when used with locks as well. 
    This product comes with a limited lifetime warranty. Please refer to Fosmon's website for more information.


Motorcycle Bike Anti-Theft Loud 113dB Vibration Security Alarm



  • Alarm Battery: 3x AAA
  • Remote Battery: 1x 12V/27A
  • Wireless Range: 65ft / 20m
  • Alarm Dimensions (L x W x H): 3.73 x 1.65 x 0.91 inches (94.85 x 42 x 23.2 mm)
  • Remote Dimensions (L x W x H): 2.41 x 1.18 x 0.5 inches (61.4 x 30 x 12.6 mm)
  • Water Resistance: IP55


Package Includes
1x Alarm (batteries included)
1x Remote (battery included)
2x Cable Tie
2x Double Sided Tape
1x Triangular Plate
1x Screwdriver
1x Quick Start Guide

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